Kelley and I are back from our three week trip to LA.  Other than almost stepping on a rattlesnake in Griffith Park, it was a very positive experience.  After meeting some wonderful people at the Disney/ABC Writers Program 25th Anniversary event, we headed to the peaceful town of Ojai for four days of relaxation and writing.  Then it was back to busy LA for the Writers Guild’s Mad Men event.  Showrunner Matt Weiner and all his writers from the final season showed their favorite clips from the show.  What an incredibly talented group of writers, including Oscar-winner Robert Towne of “Chinatown” fame.

Speaking of talented writers, I got a chance to catch up with my old friends Jane Espenson and Larry Andries over coffee.  Two of the nicest people you’ll meet in Hollywood, they each have an impressive career, and have each worked on some of the best shows on television (go ahead and Google them if you think I’m exaggerating).

Larry and I also went to a Directors Guild presentation of “Transparent,” where all the show’s stars assembled for a Q&A.  This fun event also included a screening of two episodes from the show and a party with lots of great food and drinks.

In order to get a feel for where we should live when we move there in the fall, Kelley and I stayed in many different parts of the city.  We did two housesits, looking after homes and pets in Sherman Oaks and in Larchmont (a wonderful neighborhood near Paramount Studios).  We’re hoping to be invited to do some long-term housesits in LA or Ojai in the fall and winter.

And I took my long-time agent, David Warden, to lunch to catch up.  He’s now sending my feature script “Special Agent Jackie Fox” out to a few special people before going wider.  After having six features die in development, I’ve got my hopes up for a better result with this one.  Fingers crossed.  Now, if only I can find a good manager…