Keith puts his years of writing experience to use as both a screenwriting instructor and story analyst.&nbsp&nbspNot only has he won many of the big screenwriting competitions, his year writing at Disney Studios gave him an insider’s look at why some scripts are bought while others are rejected.&nbsp&nbspIt’s knowledge that he’s willing to share.

If you have a screenplay that’s in need of constructive criticism, his detailed critique covers formating, structure, character development, improving dialogue, enhancing salability and a whole lot more.&nbsp&nbspHe even helps with loglines and those dreaded query letters.

Keith has taught screenwriting for over ten years at the Canadian Screen Training Centre and the Summer Institute of Film & Television.&nbsp&nbspHe also teaches screenwriting at Algonquin College, as well as private courses for more advance writers.


How to get in touch with Keith
T: 613-722-9230