Graphic Novel next?

My grandfather was Head of British Military Intelligence during WW2, so I grew up hearing wonderful stories of how he and Churchill plotted together to defeat the Nazis. That gave me a fascination with the war, and led to me creating “Toby’s War.” It’s the story of a timid boy traumatized by the London Blitz who is physically drawn into his favorite adventure novel and must find the courage to save a kingdom from an invading army of mutants. For some time now I’ve been planning to create a graphic novel from this story.

But I also have a one-act play about the creation of a radio show in the 1950s, which I’d like to turn into a two-act play (because that’s where the REAL money is, right?). I’m not sure which project I’ll tackle first.

Meanwhile, the search for a manager continues. I’ve given my agent a new feature screenplay and two TV pilot scripts, but we’re waiting to add a manager to the team to help devise the best strategy before we send anything out.

And that’s all the news for now.

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