Update from Keith

Sept. 23-30 I’ll be at the Catalina Film Festival, where my detective-comedy feature script, “My Husband, the Dick,” is in competition for an award.  Win or lose, I’ll be enjoying the sun, sand, parties and, of course, movies.

STATIC (aka ANGEL RADIO), a TV pilot I wrote, recently won both the Emerging Screenwriter Contest and the People’s Pilot Contest, and one of the prizes was Robert McKee’s 4-day screenwriting seminar, and enough cash to pay for the trip.  So after Catalina I’ll be in LA for 3 weeks, looking for a manager, catching up with old friends, and even having lunch with Robert McKee (I’d better think of something intelligent to ask).

On Oct. 22 I head to the Austin Film Festival (always a great time), then home to Ottawa just in time for Halloween.

So if anyone in Catalina, LA, or Austin wants to get together to talk movies and screenwriting over coffee (or something harder), email me and we’ll set it up!
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