Award-winning screenwriter/director Keith Davidson whet his appetite for filmmaking during a misspent childhood watching movies.  Deciding to be a filmmaker, his first step was to earn a film degree from Canada’s Queen’s University.

Following that, he ran a repertory cinema for eleven years, learning the distribution and exhibition side of the business.  Watching a dozen films each week (a mix of classics, contemporary Hollywood, and international cinema) gave him valuable insight into the craft of filmmaking. It also left his days free to work on film and TV projects in various capacities – everything from animation checker to editor.

Next, Keith focused on screenwriting, quickly chalking up an impressive number of wins in screenwriting competitions.  He was also awarded a Disney Fellowship, which brought him to LA.

After being signed by a Hollywood agent, he made the front page of Variety when he sold a screenplay (about the discovery of Noah’s Ark and a monstrous creature chained up inside) to Universal, with Ivan Reitman attached. Since then, Keith has written a dozen feature screenplays, six of which reached the development stage.

He is now searching for a manager to help him make the transition into television.  His two TV pilot specs have made a splash on the contest scene, with “Angel Radio” winning three competitions.

Keith’s directing debut, “Charlie Noir,” had a hugely successful premiere at The Toronto International Film Festival before going on to screen at fifteen international festivals, winning awards at five of them.  His latest short film, “Willy,” has also won multiple awards.

In addition to his other achievements, Keith taught screenwriting for over ten years at the Canadian Screen Training Centre and the Summer Institute of Film & Television, plus a few courses at Ottawa’s Algonquin College. He continues to do script analysis when he has the time. He is currently finishing a play, and is halfway through writing his first graphic novel.